She’ll be right – Or will she?

Most employers try to do the right thing by their employees, or feel that nothing will go wrong in the business because they have great people working for them. Think again. Don’t just assume all is and will remain ok.

When working with employers I quite often find these 7 most common oversights:

  1. Employee contracts, letters of employment, employment statements – call it what you like but make sure you have something in writing to protect you, your business and your employees.
  2. Current Contract information –legislation is being amended frequently are your contracts up to date?
  3. Position Descriptions, Role Definitions – it will help your employee understand their place in your business
  4. Company policies – do you know that certain policies are mandatory by law
  5. Keeping your IP with you – all too often employees take sensitive company information with them to their next role. Avoid this with simple wording in your contracts and policies
  6. Employees behaving badly – Do they understand your expectations and standards?
  7. Payslips – must be provided with each pay and have updates of leave balances (just to name one of the mandatory items it must show)

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Want to put your mind at ease, then contact Jardine HR Consulting – your peace of mind.

About the Author Anita Jardine

Anita is a human resource and learning and development professional with 20 years’ experience in various industries. Her objectives involved business change initiatives and organisational development, large scale projects and business improvement along with realigning the business objectives from a manufacturing base to that of a sales and marketing focus. Contact Anita on 0436015326 for all your HR needs.

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