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Why Your Small Business Website Just Isn’t Enough Anymore

Does your small business website generate much income for your business?

Does it generate ANY business for you at all?

If you’re answer is no - its like a desert - I bet I know why. 

Your website is not optimised for conversions.

Optimised for What?!

A conversion is when a website visitor takes the action you want them to take. That could be sign up to your newsletter, make a purchase from your online store or request a quote online.

Conversion optimisation is the process of increasing the percentage of people that visit your site that turn into leads or customers.

Why is Optimising for Conversions Important?

Your website should be more than an online business card. People can find your website through online search (SEO), through social media, through word of mouth referrals or even from your business card.

You may also be paying for people to find your website with Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising.

Unless your small business website is optimised for conversions, visitors are just going to visit your site, have a quick browse and exit without taking the action you wanted them to take.

No matter how well designed your website is, unless you're converting 100% of your website visitors into leads or customers, there is room for improvement.

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Increasing your conversion rate means you aren't spending more money trying to get more visitors to your website. If you had 100 visitors per day and 10% of them gave you their contact details, you would be receiving 10 leads per day.

On the other hand, if you had 100 visitors per day and only 1% converted, you would get 1 lead per day. You could spend money on driving more traffic to your site, however it would be more cost effective to convert the current visitors than it is to attract new ones.

What You Can Do For Your Small Business Website Right Now

Here are some things you can check and implement on your small business website today to improve your conversion rate:

  • Usability

    Is your website easy to use? Can visitors easily find what they are looking for? How many pages or clicks does it take for them to find your contact information or your pricing or your check-out page?
    With over 65% of website views coming from mobile devices, is your website mobile friendly?

  • Call To Action

    What action do you want website visitors to take on your website? Do you want them to make a purchase, request a quote, send you a message, download a guide or something else? This is your call-to-action. It should be clear and easy to find.

  • Testimonials

    Social proof is one of the most powerful conversion rate drivers. Do you collect testimonials or reviews from your happy clients? Do you display them clearly on your website? Do your testimonials have a photo or details of the person giving you the review to increase credibility? (Never fake testimonials! It is extremely obvious!)

  • Images

    Do the images on your website add or detract from your message? Graphics need to be relevant and unique. Using old fashioned stock photos can quickly turn customers off. Images should be used to emphasise your message and not just an afterthought.

  • Speed

    How fast does your website load? You can use a free online tool (link below) to check the load speed of your website. The longer your website takes to load, the higher the percentage of people that will abandon your website and perhaps go to the next website (your competitor).


Use this free online tool to check the load time of your page. Ensure to change the test from location to your state and country where you do business. Send the results to your web developer so they can increase your website’s performance. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation in Practice

When we developed this website, OzAccounts, we had conversion top of mind.
The aim of a conversion focused website, is to have multiple points of “entry” to your business that is attractive and valuable to your prospects.

For OzAccounts, owner Josephine developed an in-depth guide for business owners who would be interested in taking control of their finances - 10 Financial Tips For Small Business Owners. This guide is free for anyone who visits the website, all they need to do is enter their email address so it can be automatically sent to their inbox.

When someone downloads this guide, we know they are interested in taking control of their business finances, and could potentially need the services of OzAccounts.

Now we have an email address to communicate with the prospect, provide value and build a relationship. This nurtured prospect will be much more likely to use OzAccounts services.

If our website was too slow to load for our Australian users; didn’t have a clear call to action; was hard to use or was visually unappealing, then you wouldn't be reading this post right now receiving value! You would have left the website and not given it a second thought.

Is your website bringing you customers in or pushing them away?

If your website has not been updated for a few years - put it to good use. Your website is your online real estate! You would make your shop-front attractive to passers by, why wouldn't you make your website attractive to online visitors?

You would make your shop-front attractive to passers by, why wouldn't you make your website attractive to online visitors?

Serena Galante
Marketing Coach

With so many businesses online, it is so easy for your prospects to find another website that is more attractive to them. That’s why having a “business card” website is just not enough anymore.

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About the Author Serena Galante

Entrepreneurship is part of Serena's DNA. Having grown up in a small business, she experienced first hand all the highs and the lows of doing everything on your own. With over 8 years practical experience in marketing, Serena seeks to fulfil her passion of helping Australian small businesses with marketing strategies that work.

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